Get enhanced visibility

In a retail environment, visibility and distinctive solutions are required in order to make the right first impression on the customer. Building and maintaining a professional corporate identity includes paying attention to every aspect of the business – from the visual design of your brand into the marketing methods used to target customers.

Satavision is a company specialised in enhancing the visibility of businesses. We will help you turn your business premises appealing and inviting to the customers through effective and creative visual solutions. Our strong expertise in the field ensures that your marketing objectives will be achieved in the best possible way.

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SuperPark Oulu

Satavision participated in the SuperPark Oulu building process together with the company Pinto Design, who was responsible for designing the overall look for the activity park. In the SuperPark project Satavision’s practical know-how on technical solutions as well as expertise on traditional printmaking production was required in order to complete the project successfully.



Professional look for your exhibition stand

A successful exhibition stand shows the exhibitor's brand and products in a distinctive way. You can concentrate all your energy in the event itself when the planning and implementation is taken cared of an experienced professional.

With our help you can get the right exhibition package for your needs - whether it is a question of renting individual exhibition stand items or managing your whole exhibition project from start to completion. Our services include planning, implementation, construction and storing of exhibition stands as well as rental stands and project management.


Modular T3 Airframe is the perfect exhibition system which allows you to build dynamic structures and display environments for exhibitions, retail interiors, conferences and events.
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WandLite is a versatile LED tube light that is waterproof, lightweight and easy to clean. It offers 360 degree lighting with good diffusion and high light transmission.
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With our help you can get the right exhibition package for your needs. Have a look at some of our customer cases concerning exhibition projects.
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Advantage through anticipation

A three-dimensional virtual space offers a visual environment that can be used for multiple purposes: as a tool for planning, research or marketing, in educational settings or as an effective way to increase sales. The 3D virtual spaces are built to customer specific requirements and the content the customer wishes to use is converted into a CAVE compatible stereoscopic content.

CAVE system: A 3D virtual space for planning, observing and presenting constructed environments.
Design Station: A visual sales tool for exhibitions, events and showrooms.
Simulator: An experience-based 3D space in which a moving item, such as a treadmill or a vehicle, is combined with the virtual environment.
V-CAVE: An illustrating presentation tool for product presentations.


Planning, observing and presenting constructed environments can be done efficiently and cost-effectively with the Satavision CAVE system. Displaying a realistic 3D virtual model of a pre-designed facility, the viewers can picture themselves inside the building, moving around and observing every little detail. By using the Satavision CAVE system, the end users of the constructed facility can familiarize themselves with their future working environment during or prior to the actual construction phase. In other words, when the structural solutions of the facility still can be altered.


V CAVE is a sizeable visual corner, an excellent marketing tool when presenting products and services. When a product is visualized in a practical and realistic way, the customers will get a clear sense of what they are about to buy. The gesture control system on the V CAVE enables the product to be used in events where customers familiarize themselves with the products independently.


A simulator is an experience-based 3D space in which a moving item, such as a treadmill or a vehicle, is combined with the virtual environment. Mobile and stationary simulators can be used for training purposes or they can serve as a special attraction in events and exhibitions.


Manage your conferences and meetings efficiently, without having to worry about the technical setup of the conference room or functional faults during your presentation. With Satavision meeting system your audience hears what you have to say, and in the right way – without any unnecessary delays or complications.


We offer a full range of wide format printing services. Our expertise on different materials and processes allows us to offer high quality products at competitive prices.


Improve your corporate image by using vehicle wraps to advertise your company. Our services include traditional vehicle wraps as well as special wrapping on more curved surfaces.


Create more traffic to your retail premises by making an impact on your customers with a strong and recognisable brand identity. With customised large scale images, window wraps and graphics your premises will get an appearance that will be noticed.


Our industrial signage solutions are produced to customer specifications. We plan and manufacture signs, boards and industrial tape products to meet the requirements of different industrial areas.


Make a great impact with our exhibitions products, available in various sizes and designs. Increase sales by presenting your company and products in a way that attracts attention and interest. The products are quick and easy to set up.


We offer a wide range of services in graphic design, structural design and communications. Our goal is to develop creative solutions to help your business grow through advertising and marketing.